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If you are familiar with Squarespace, you’d definitely know the level of polish and simplicity they bring into their website platform. Their newest app, Squarespace Note, takes the same crafty elegance that you expect from a simple task like note-taking, while adding a more minimalist, cross-platform approach.

cross platform note taking

Squarespace Note is a zen-like app. Here, you get a clean white interface with grey buttons, where you can add text and links. Once you have typed in your note or ideas, you can quickly share them via Twitter or Facebook, or send them to your e-mail, Evernote or Dropbox.

You can also do specific tasks depending on the service you want to send to. For example, you can send your location, create subject lines, or create your content within Twitter’s character limits.

Squarespace uses a lot of swipe gestures. You can swipe up for quick post; swipe left for your settings, and swipe right to manager your entries. Its black and white palette reminds me of a well-designed Windows Phone app.

Squarespace is a great app for frictionless note-taking and sharing. The swipe gestures coupled with an elegant interface makes this a good candidate for anyone looking for a default note-taking app.



  • Minimalist note-taking app for iOS.
  • Quickly share to Facebook, Twitter, and even e-mail.
  • Post quickly to your Squarespace website.
  • Swipe gestures great for quick notes.
  • Available on  iTunes app store.
  • Similar Tools: Quick Notes, Post-It Popnotes, and Boxes

Check out Squarespace Note @





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  1. Greg Alcorn
    February 25, 2013 at 1:41 am

    Great app!
    Just needs to add editing notes as a feature.
    Then it would replace the stock notes app.