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Are you a South Park fan? Want your own South Park Avatar? Check out Sp-Studio. It is a cool Flash-based website that lets you create your own avatar for any South Park character, dress it up the way you like, save it to your PC and use it anywhere you like online.

SP-Studio : South Park Avatar Maker

To try it out, go to their homepage and click on “Create!” tab at the top left. The menu guy on their homepage helps you pick what you need. It is recommended to choose a skin first but there is no particular order to stick to, and you can start dressing the character from anywhere – hat, hair, eyes, mouth, shirt etc. For most items you first have to choose the shape and then the color of the item. Move or delete single items by clicking on them and clicking X button.


Once you are done with the picture, save it to your computer with the black disc symbol at the top. There is no registration or sign in to create your South Park avatars on the site. You can view SP avatars created by other users from the site Gallery.


  • Create avatar of South Park characters
  • No drawing skills required
  • Customize avatars: dress up avatar in various jackets
  • Wide selection of colors and avatar accessories like shoes, hats, etc.
  • Choose eyes, haircuts, skin color, legs, hat, eyes, mouth, shirt and place of the character
  • To save ready avatar to your PC pleas use the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard
  • Working version of the Adobe Flash player required

Check out Sp-Studio @

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