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free image search engineAs a web worker, finding the right image to use is almost as important as crafting the right post title. All our words and work would have come to naught if not for the easy availability of free images.

So here’s a little thank you to those innumerable photographers who charitably upload photos for free and fair use. The “˜free’ bit is grabbed with the fervor of a kid going for a popsicle but the “˜fair’ part gets waylaid on the side. That’s where a little effort on our part to properly credit the source 3 Tips For Getting More Out Of Creative Commons 3 Tips For Getting More Out Of Creative Commons Read More for the photo should always come in.

All photo-sharing websites publish licensing information. But the site we are reviewing here makes it difficult to ignore and dead easy to use the photo with the due attribution. Head over to Sprixi.

Sprixi is a free image search engine. Once you land on the site, using Sprixi is just a three step process – Search, Choose and Use. Sprixi sorts all images into topics. You can browse the topics in graphics or text using the Browse link placed right at the foot of the page.

The search box is where it starts. Put in your search query and Sprixi takes over. What you get is a double framed window with the images on one scrollable pane. Choose any image from the results and view it in larger dimensions on the View pane.

free image search engine


The View pane straightaway gives a lot of information on the image with a rollover of the mouse.

free image search engine

Usefulness ““ Sprixi learns and tries to sort all images by usefulness i.e. relevancy. How fitting an image is it for a particular query comes from the users themselves. Images are rated according to use, downloads, the ratings added from the yes/maybe/no buttons etc. Images are weighted more by the ratings given by registered users. Images can also be flagged for inappropriateness.

Image Size – Touch the bar chart like colored indicators and you can choose a specific size.

Image Information – Head slightly below and the About this image section gives the complete dope on the creator and the license.

The last step is to select your choice image and click on the corner placed Use tab. Sprixi gives you two options for fair use –

The Image with credit option comes with the attribution inked in fine print while the Image without credit asks you to manually provide that link. A Copy button makes it easy to copy-paste the image attribution link.

image search website

Look at the same images below to note the difference between the two options.

image search websites

The image with the assigned license (the first option) is useful for cases where the image credit source is not explicitly mentioned. Images which are smaller in size may need an explicit credit link.

How Does Sprixi Source The Images?

Sprixi uses the Flickr API (but the service is not officially endorsed by Flickr). According to the FAQ, Sprixi is presently sourcing images from its own collection, Flickr and OpenClipArt. It also has a leaning towards public domain and commercial-friendly Creative Commons licenses.

We have covered quite a few web services for free image search. Image search is no longer about Google and Bing. For that check out 5 Good Image Search Engines Apart From Google Image Search 5 Good Image Search Engines Apart From Google Image Search 5 Good Image Search Engines Apart From Google Image Search Read More . Services like Sprixi are re-working the usual with their unusual take. As I mentioned before, getting an image online is easy – what’s overlooked is giving the guy who put it there in the first place, his rightful reward. Sprixi makes it a more deliberate affair.

Let us know how you find the responsibility of the license and the way Sprixi goes about it.

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