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To the dismay of many of its users, the information capturing service, will be shut down on June 25th. The Springpad blog says that because of a lack of funding, the site, which was free to members, is no longer self-sustaining.

Springpad was often favored over the cloud storage service Evernote because of its more visual orientation, and its free features for sharing content between users. Now Springpad users are being urged to migrate their notes to Evernote quickly.

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At this point, members attempting to log into their account will be see a message about the process for exporting their data before the June 25th shutdown. After that date, Springpad will no longer be available and the sync features of its mobile apps will seize working.

Existing users of Springpad can either export their existing Springpad content to Evernote, to a viewable HTML data backup, and/or to an importable JSON file for other services to use. For the Evernote migration, each notebook you have in your Springpad account will create a new notebook in Evernote. All your unfiled items will be put into an “Unfiled” notebook. Springpad provides more details about these options on their blog.

Springpad’s FQA states that whether you migrate your content or not, you don’t have to delete your account. When the site is shuts downs on June 25th, all user data on the servers will be automatically deleted. However, you can still log into your account and manually shut it down by going into your account settings, clicking on Account Details, and then clicking on “Delete Account.”


Source: Springpad Blog

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