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Podcasts are a fun way to have your own online radio shows. Getting subscribers to your shows and your interesting content is what all aspiring radio broadcasters look forward to. All this and much more is offered by a web service called Spreaker.

broadcast your own online radio show

Spreaker is a web service that lets you broadcast your radio shows online. While regular podcast services simply offer straightforward audio streaming features, Spreaker supports live broadcasting as well as multiple channel recording with controllable volumes to better emulate the radio experience. In addition to your own voice you can create a playlist of songs and sound effects to be played.

Your radio shows can have multiple episodes and can be shared through their direct URLs; visitors to your channel can subscribe to it and play a list of aired episodes. In case you have a personal blog running you can use the embedded code generated for your radio shows.


As others can tune into your radio shows, you too can browse the site for others’ radio programs.


Spreaker offers a free package that allows 30-minutes long individual recordings and an hour of total recordings. You can increase these figures by opting for the site’s premium packages.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you broadcast online radio.
  • Offers multiple audio channels for broadcasting songs and sound effects.
  • Lets people subscribe to your stations.
  • Stations are embeddable.

Check out Spreaker @

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