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With the amount of information we receive every day, there is simply too much stuff for one person to be able to consume in a single day. One way to absorb more information in a shorter time is to speed read. Now there is an extension for Chrome called Spread that makes speed reading even easier.

To use it, first install this extension to your Chrome browser. When you are at a webpage where you want to read the text, right-click with your mouse and select “Speed read selection” from the context menu. In the new pop-up window, press the Play button at the bottom. It will start showing you the sentences and words from the selected text at a predetermined intervals. You can stop the playing at any moment or click Refresh to play it again.

Select text and right-click with your mouse to speed-read it.

speed reading chrome

Stop playing at any time. Progress bar at the top.




Check out Spread speed reading extension @

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