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make your own ecardsWhen it comes to ecards or greetings cards, the common opinion is that the days of lending them a personal touch are over. There was a time when you could hunker down and create your own cards if you really wanted to make it personal. But that touch of love-effort has been eliminated from our lives thanks to the crop of ecard and greetings websites that are out there now.

Somewhere down the line I have felt that we need to get rid of templates and boilerplates from our lives, and get back our originality. Thankfully, when it comes to ecards, a site like Card Karma allows us to do that…short of drawing illustrations ourselves.

With the holiday season in some parts of the world just a month away, let’s check out how Card Karma can help you make your own ecards, and share them with the world.

Doing Away With Pre-Made Greeting Cards

Card Karma says that when it comes to creating personal ecards, you will only be limited by your own imagination rather than the small selection of pre-made ecards. Card Karma offers you no templates, but allows you to roam free and pick the best from Flickr, YouTube, and any image that you may want to use from your desktop to illustrate the card.

All images and videos that are available on the site come under Creative Commons. So, you really have millions of images or videos to choose from as Flickr and YouTube are virtual gold mines thanks to ‘free’ spirited creative hands.

make your own ecards


A glimpse reveals that there’s loads of variety at hand. You can mouse-over any thumbnail to see a larger version of image used.

How About Funny Meme Cards?

You can take a meme and make it over into an ecard that you intend to send somewhere with a humorous punch. Meme, by the way, is any cultural information that spreads virally across the web. That pretty much covers everything that’s spreading across the social networks these days. The collection here is small, but you can always pick up more from YouTube and Flickr, or even upload it from your desktop.

Do-It-Yourself Ecards

What I really like about Card Karma is the minimal and clutter free interface. I really hope it stays that way (and the web app itself stays free).

how to make free ecards

The simple 4 step process starts with designing the basic layout. Card Karma gives you full range of options to customize the card and then personalize it with your own message. More often than not, you would like to go for a different choice of image or video. You can use the search tool or explore the images/videos that are already available on Card Karma.

how to make free ecards

The Card Karma search page gives you the filters to choose from. Card Karma tells you to hold your horses while it expansively trawls Flickr or YouTube.

how to make free ecards

My keyword “inspirational” netted me 4000+ images! Choose one and go ahead with thinking up a message or a greeting. You can depend on Card Karma and its library of messages too. Card Karma has basic text editing tools which help you format your message neatly.

make ecards online

Choosing and occasion and setting the privacy levels brings you to the first preview of the card. You can choose to keep your image and message private.

Ultimately, you land up on the page with all the share options. From email to embedding, you get to pick up the one you want. I posted mine to a friend’s wall on Facebook.

make your own ecards

There’s lot to like about Card Karma and its neat ecards. The site may not have the razzmatazz, but it keeps things really simple. Even then, you have quite a range to be creative with. Create your own ecard and spread your wishes around. Tell us all about it in the comments.

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  1. Bryan Landers
    December 8, 2011 at 12:33 pm

    What an amazing post! Thanks so much for this wonderful tour of Card Karma. I’m thrilled to hear you enjoyed it and I hope your readers give it a try, too.

    I absolutely plan to keep things as simple as possible and the current features offered for free will always be free.

    I made the site because it was something I wished existed for years while using other ecard sites where I was forced to pick from a bunch of creepy Flash animations that didn’t capture the sentiment of my message! As you said, there are millions of amazing Flickr images and Youtube videos out there, so why not make use of those in our ecards, right?

    Also, I wanted people to be able to try out the service without having to sign up for an account. So, on Card Karma, creating an account is optional if you’d like to keep all the ecards you’ve made handy for future use or to share on your profile.

    The holiday season is here, so come back anytime to make and share creative ecards. Happy Holidays to MakeUseOf!


    Creator of Card Karma

    • Saikat Basu
      December 9, 2011 at 7:17 am

      Thanks for dropping by and liking the review. I share your exact sentiments...most ecard sites are too generic.