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The tireless people behind Spotify are at it again, this time with another great update for their iOS application. This update brings some new features that help make that $9.99 a month price tag to be a premium member a little more valuable. With this update, iPhone users will notice a shiny new screen when the app boots up. This helps make the app feel a little more welcoming when you are going to enjoy some of your favorite tunes. This new login screen is designed to mimic the style of the one used on iPad.

The major feature added in this update comes in the form of playlist sorting. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for Spotify users with an iPad. Still, for people who manage a ton of playlists, having a single button to sort them and make them easier to find helps save some time and gets you listening to your music faster.

In addition to the previously mentioned updates, Spotify also improved the layout of their options screen. They made it easier to navigate around and find the setting you are trying to change.

Spotify also took steps to make their radio run a little faster. I never found it to be slow before this update, but I can certainly notice a subtle difference, and faster is never a bad thing.

Overall, this update does not rewrite the book on playing music from your phone, but it adds some nice features and should prove to be a welcomed addition for Spotify Premium users.


Source: TheNextWeb

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