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Spotify Updates iOS App, Lets You Control Facebook Sharing [News] spotify logoFollowing their interesting Windows Phone 7 launch Spotify Expands Its Mobile Reach With A New Windows Phone 7 App [News] Spotify Expands Its Mobile Reach With A New Windows Phone 7 App [News] Spotify and Microsoft have announced the release of Spotify for Windows Phone 7. This highly anticipated app brings Spotify’s music streaming services to Mango OS, and is another breakthrough for Microsoft’s mobile enterprise. According to... Read More , Spotify has released an update for its much-loved iOS app. Spotify’s app, while only available in a limited number of countries, is one of the most popular ways to listen to music on iOS devices, and if you were getting worried about the Facebook spam it creates, you’re going to love this update.

First and foremost, the new version only works on iOS 4.0 or later, and works best on iOS 5.0 or later. iOS 5 users can now view cover art and metadata for songs right on the lockscreen, so it’s much easier to stay on top of what you’re listening to even if you’re not using your phone. The second major update is in the privacy settings, and this is an important one.


In the past, if you chose to connect your Spotify account to Facebook, your Facebook friends got to see an update for every song you listened to. While this is nice, it might be quite spammy if you use Spotify a lot. The new version lets you toggle Facebook sharing, and also listen to music in a private session, which means that posting will be temporarily disabled, but will resume in your next session.


This update is not huge, but a very important one for people who like to share their music on Facebook some of the time. Will you rush to get the update or does it seem negligible to you?


Source: TheNextWeb

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