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Online music sharing giant Spotify has officially made itself available to music lovers in Germany. This puts Spotify in 13 countries around the world. Fans in Germany have been clamoring for Spotify, and now their wait is over. The service officially became available late Monday night, and users are free to sign up now.

As in most other regions, Spotify is available in three different flavors, depending on if, and how much, you are willing to pay. The first option is free, and allows users to stream unlimited music from their computer, but they will experience occasional advertisements. The next option is called “Spotify Unlimited”. With this plan users can pay 4.99EUR a month for unlimited access to their music from a computer without commercial interruption. The last option is called “Spotify Premium.” Premium will run users 9.99EUR per month, and it grants unlimited access from mobile devices, as well as higher quality music and the ability to listen offline.

Whatever your flavor, Spotify has an option for you. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

It was a challenge to break through Germany’s strict rules in regards to copyright and license holding, but it seems Spotify has managed to get in, and the even kept their pricing on par with other regions.

Source: Spotify Blog


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