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Popular streaming music service Spotify has launched a new feature designed to showcase the most popular songs. The new feature, called Spotify 50, or Spotify Charts, shows the most played songs on the service according to region. The Social 50, on the other hand, showcases the songs users are sharing across social media the most.

Everything on the charts is divided by region, with the 28 locations where Spotify is offered available for users can switch between on the fly using the button on the top-right of the screen.

Not only is it interesting to see what music is most popular on Spotify, it can also be a useful way to discover some music you may not have heard of. While I think I have a fairly decent finger on the pulse of the music scene, at least in the US, there were plenty of popular artists with which I was not familiar. Going further, exploring music from other parts of the world will help expand musical horizons even more.

In addition to changing regions, users can go back to look at different date ranges. This lets users keep track of what is popular, and for how long it is dominating on Spotify.


Spotify has also set up its charts website to allow users to select the data in which they are interested in, and get an embed code for a widget they can place anywhere on the Web. This is a smart move for Spotify, as it allows its data to penetrate the Web quicker than it would by simply residing on its website.

Will you use Spofity’s new charts feature? What do you think of it?

Source: Spotify Charts

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