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Spotify has a rolled out a brand new type of app for their service. A few months back they launched a group of apps designed for record labels, and now they are rolling out apps which cater to specific artists. The initial offer features four different musicians. If you are a huge fan Quincy Jones, Tiësto, Rancid or Disturbed, you can log in to Spotify and download their apps right now.

The apps feature more than just music by the band. For example, Disturbed’s app gathers the best of metal music from the past, present and future. Rancid’s app is filled with playlists of songs selected specifically by members of the band.

In addition to music and playlists from Spotify’s ever-increasing catalog, the apps also have behind-the-scenes updates, photos, artwork and charts. If you are a fan of any of these musicians, these apps are a great way to connect with them through the music they love and learning what they are doing day by day.

Spotify plans to launch more apps like these in the future. They said that their goal “is to partner with artists to create the best possible experience for users”. So if your artist of choice does not have an app available with this small initial offering, fear not, because there may be one coming right around the corner.

To get the apps, simply launch Spotify on your desktop and download them from the apps section.


Source: TheNextWeb

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