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Spotify has launched 12 new apps for their music service, to compliment the dozen or so apps that were previously available. Their app store is small, but today it has nearly doubled in size. The applications cover the needs of a wide range of users and should prove to be a breath of fresh air for dedicated users of the service. Many users are becoming excited to see what other apps will become available for Spotify as time goes on.

Many of the Spotify applications are official apps for popular record labels. So if you are fan of the particular labels these apps should make your day. Some of them are just exciting, new takes on finding and discovering awesome new music.

Here is a list of the new Spotify apps and brief a description of what they do:

  • The Complete Collection: Learn more about some of the most iconic music while listening
  • Tweetvine: Creates playlists from the Twitter hashtag #nowplaying
  • Classify: Opens the doors to classical music
  • The Legacy Of: Find out more about the worlds most acclaimed artists with pictures, playlists and more
  • Filtr: Builds playlists based on the “Likes” of your Facebook friends
  • Def Jam: Discovers and curates music from Def Jam artists
  • Domino: App for fans of Domino music
  • The Warner Sound: Music from Warner’s massive collection of artists
  • Hot or not: Vote for your favorite songs
  • Digster: Fresh playlists updated weekly
  • [PIAS]: Introduces fresh and classic music through expertly curated playlists
  • Matador: App for fans of all things Matador

If you are Spotify user, these apps should quell your appetite for new music for some time!

Source: Spotify Blog

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  1. search66
    March 24, 2012 at 1:23 am

    I love me some Spotify, but I just don't understand their apps... It's just more and more Top40 'mixes'... I mean; how many times can you mix the same songs???

    • Dave LeClair
      March 29, 2012 at 4:21 pm

      I see where you are coming from, but I think it's cool that are at least trying to differentiate themselves and be more than just a standard music player.

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