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Spotify has finally brought their long-awaited radio feature to premium users who own an iOS device. The update, available now on the iTunes App Store, grants users the ability to use a very Pandora-like radio feature through Spotify. This feature has been available on computers for a long time, so many users are very happy to have access to it on the iPhone.

To use radio, simple play an artist and tap the “i” on the top of the screen. Click the “Play Radio” button and it will start playing music based on what was initially playing. You can also tap the “Radio” tab on the bottom of the screen and search for what you want to play. By building it this way, you can start a radio station at any point in the music listening process.

On the Radio tab you can view recent stations, stations Spotify recommends for you and all the genre stations. This new feature makes finding something to listen to on Spotify incredibly easy.

Another cool feature is the ability to give a song a thumbs up. This will improve the radio station for that particular artist. Also, any song that you give a thumbs up to will be saved in a playlist, so you can go back and find them easily if you want to hear them again.


Of course, you can also give a song a thumbs down if you don’t like it. This will obviously not be saved to any playlist, but it will help Spotify improve the radio station in the future.

The update may not be available in all areas (though it’s out in the US already). If it’s not in your territory yet, expect to see it very soon. If you are waiting to get it on Android, you are going to have to keep waiting – at least for a little while longer.

Source: TheNextWeb

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