Spotify Finally Launches An Official Kindle Fire App [Updates]

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Kindle Fire owners dreaming of the day when Spotify will officially launch an app for their beloved device need not dream anymore. The application is available now from the Amazon App store. As with all Spotify apps, the app is free, but users are required to have a Spotify premium account to use the service after their trial period has expired. It seems like only yesterday that Spotify launched on iPad, and now it is spreading on to the Fire.

As you would expect, the Kindle Fire version of Spotify is rich with features. Spotify’s radio service is implemented right at launch. This feature, which only recently rolled out on iOS, allows users to create and listen to custom stations in a way that feels very similar to Pandora.

The slide-out navigation interface was designed especially for the Kindle Fire. It’s good to see Spotify personalizing the app and making it stand out from the slew of other platforms.

Other features include:

  • Access to Spotify’s complete library of millions of songs
  • Listen offline – no Internet connection required
  • Share music with your friends
  • Create and sync playlists
  • Send the music you’re enjoying to & Facebook
  • Artist imagery in high-res
  • Related artist view – available for the first time on mobile

If you are a Kindle Fire user, now is the time to give Spotify a try. You can sign up for Spotify on their website and if you are already a member, you can download the free Kindle Fire application on the Amazon App Store.

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Source: TheNextWeb

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Donna Shaw

Spotify automatically launches when I start my PC. Will it do the same on my Kindle?

Tug Ricks

Do you want it to?

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