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Spotify and Microsoft have announced the release of Spotify for Windows Phone 7. This highly anticipated app brings Spotify’s music streaming services to Mango OS, and is another breakthrough for Microsoft’s mobile enterprise.

According to Spotify, the app is available on a wide variety of WP7 mobiles, which together with their apps for Android and iOS makes them one of the most widespread music apps, at least for mobile platforms. While the WP7 app is definitely a move in that direction, other similar services offer apps for the Blackberry, for example, something which is not yet available for Spotify.


Using the WP7 Spotify app you can:

  • Browse through Spotify’s music collection and stream tracks.
  • Create offline playlist to play when you have no connection.
  • Sync every track you add to your computer automatically.
  • Browse and play your friends’ music.
  • And more.

The app is free to download from the Windows Phone Marketplace for free, but like all Spotify mobile services, requires a premium subscription (currently $9.99) to play music. Spotify’s service is also limited to a small number of countries, including the US, the UK and selected other countries in Europe.

Have you tried Spotify for WP7? Tell us what it’s like!


Source: Spotify

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