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Spotify, the music service that is taking the world by storm, is rolling out some awesome new features. They recently added support for third party apps for developers, and now they are adding some killer new features for end users. The first of these is predictive search. When a user now begins typing something into the search box, Spotify will attempt to predict what the user is going to search for and offer suggestions.

In addition to the predictive search feature, they have also added a new playlist search. This will allow users to find publicly available playlists from users all around the world. This is handy if you want to broaden your music horizons. As part of this, they have rolled out a buddy list feature, which allows you to see what any of your friends are listening to in real time. This is another way for users to find some new music based on what their friends like.

They have also tweaked the “Whats New” page with some cool new features. Spotify claims it is “more intuitive and a whole lot prettier.”

The last part of this new update only applies to Mac users. They have added full screen support for users with OSX Lion.


The update is not available yet, but you can download the preview build and check out all the cool new features for yourself.

Source: TheNextWeb

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