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Music giant Spotify has recently created a play button that webmasters can put on their websites in order to play Spotify music. The play button integrates Spotify music with blogs, websites and more, leading to a more social web music experience.

Webmasters and bloggers can add the play button widget to their page easily, which can feature playlists, songs or albums. All it then takes to provide music to the reader is for them to press play.

For the play button to work though, the listener needs to have a Spotify account and to be logged in. While the music is played to the listener it is also featured on the listener’s Spotify listening habits and therefore featured on Facebook if connected.

Spotify have also teamed up with a few specific services to make it easy to play Spotify music throughout the web. Tumblr bloggers can add their music play button in a flash, as can users of FanRX for Facebook profiles or pages.

A number of large websites have already added Spotify play buttons: The Independent, MSN UK, Virgin Media, NME, the Guardian, Mashable, The Huffington Post, Time Out Group (New York City, Paris, London), Rolling Stone and more. Some more relevant Spotify play button tie-ins are featured on playlist-making site and TuneWiki.


Will you add Spotify play buttons to your website or blog?

Source: Spotify

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