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Spotify have recently created forums for pretty much anything a Spotify user could want to talk about. They have places for users to come if they need help with anything, as well as places for users to get together and just chat about their favorite music. In order to post, you will need to log in with your Facebook or Spotify account. This allows you access to post with other Spotify members.

Spotify is all about sharing. When linked with Facebook, your friends can see everything you listen to. They also have a robust system in place for sharing and subscribing to other users playlists. Websites like have used Spotify’s playlist sharing as an entire business model. The one thing Spotify lacked was an official community for users to come together, but that has now changed.

Do not forget, Spotify also has their Get Satisfaction page, which is another great place for users to find information if they are having a problem with something related to Spotify. Between this, and the forums, it is easy for a user to solve any problems they are encountering while using Spotify.

Right now, there are not many posts in the community, but as word gets out, I expect it to become just as active as any other popular music forum. Check it out, and let us know in the comments how you like the topics in Spotify’s community.

Source: The Next Web


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