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If you are into running, jogging, cycling or any similar exercise, you’ll really like how SportyPal can keep track of your workout and help you improve your performance. SportyPal is a free app that can be installed on any GPS enabled phone. Just start the app when you start working out and stop it once you are done.

SportyPal will not only let you review and compare your past workouts but will also display each exercise in a map view and colorful charts so you can get a quick summary of how you did. You can also upload your data to the web with a single click so its accessible from anywhere. The web platform lets you share exercises with friends and organize virtual competitions.

keep track of your workouts


  • Track your workout on your mobile phone.
  • Work with any GPS enabled phone.
  • Review and compare your performances.
  • See your exercise on maps and graphical charts.
  • Share data with others by uploading to the web.
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