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This edition of Sound Sunday features horrific music to creep out all by yourself or scare away nasty teenagers. Let this be the spooky soundtrack for your Halloween event.

As always, feedback in any way or form is highly appreciated. I do catch your comments on Twitter @TinaSieber, although you are more likely to get a response here or via email to Tina at this domain.

Single: Zirkus – Hello-we-en-light

Genre: alternative, orchestra, swing, jazz, musical

Zirkus is a musical theatre group from Denmark. They recently performed their Cadaver Cabaret at Tivoli in Copenhagen.

EP: The Spell – HOWLoween

Genre: alternative, blues, electro, rock

From their Facebook page: “[The Spell] have hop-scotched seamlessly through just about every possible genre and combination there of, forming their own unique collage-like style. A sound easily recognized by their fans, compliments their trancelike theatrical stage presence. You can expect to hear an orchestra of pounding sequences layered with live drums, along with bluesy guitars and keys led by melodic, sometimes psychedelic, vocals. Regarded by many Los Angeles music critics to be ‘LA’s best kept secret’ once you hear them you’ll forever be put under The Spell.”

Wolfmen of Mars – Universal Madness

Genre: instrumental, rock, stoner rock

From the album page: “Take some fuzzy guitars, big boxed VHS movies, analog synthesizers and those old Halloween decorations. Put ’em in a giant blender and you’ve got this album right here.”

Single: Sam Haynes and Ghoulshow – Carnival

Genre: atmosphere, soundtrack, horror

From their Bandcamp page: “Music specifically for halloween and creating a dark atmosphere. This music has been used in haunts and theme parks in the USA and UK, and featured on Halloweenradio as well as in movie trailers.”

EP: Mega Drive – 3:33

Genre: electronic, futuristic, retro, 80s

Mega Drive is an anonymous producer from Dallas, Texas. Central Track managed to catch him for an interview following the release of 3:33: “Here’s what’s known about Mega Drive, which isn’t much: He lives in the area, he’s obsessed with the ’80s, and, before making the music he’s now making, he was in a local metal outfit that broke up last year.”

Xander Harris – Urban Gothic

Genre: electronic, ebm, industrial, wave

Urban Gothic is the work of Xander Harris, a dark synth project from Austin, Texas. The album is free for the month of October.

Hermione Harvestman – Ghosts

Genre: experimental, electronic, folk

From the album page: “The Ghost Stories of M R James have provided the inspiration for a lot of my music over the years – on those dark nights in the dark months, when both image and narrative have had a particularly profound effect on me, so I seek an exorcism in music. Or is it more a matter of seance? ”

Various Artists – Pumpkin Guts

Genre: electronic, dreamwave, dubstep, drumstep, edm, house, horrorchestra

Pumpkin Guts is a sampler from Graveyard Calling, a record label that releases horror music on cassette & digital.

Cadav Grim – The Bride of Frankenstein

Genre: electronic, dubstep, heavybass, trap

Snowbeast Records – Halloween Compilation No. 1: Rituals

Genre: alternative, halloween

RITUALS TRAILER from Snowbeast Records on Vimeo.

Villdyret – Dark Deterioration of the Soul

Genre: ambient, dark ambient, industrial, noise, terror

From their Bandcamp profile: “Dark ambient and industrial music from a distorted mind.”

Michael Ash Sharbaugh – Between the Womb and the Gathering: Halloween Sketches

Genre: ambient, electronic, atmospheric, avant-garde, goth, darkwave

From his SoundCloud profile: “Michael Ash Sharbaugh is a musician who originally hails from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware scenes. (…) Presently based in Decatur, Georgia, Michael Ash composes music that he affectionately calls “Space Rock.” Alongside an array of synthesizers, electronics, and collaborators, Michael Ash drapes breathy vocals upon hard-driving guitar parts and pulsing basses and weaves them into atmospheric pop and ambient soundscapes. His earlier ‘sound’ is reminiscent of the pop, new-, and dark-wave sensations popular in the 1980s. Recently, however, he has incorporated recording techniques, tones, and textures in use from the Mod and Psychedelic eras, seeking to capture a ‘spacey and contemporary aural landscape that remains retrospective.'”

Final Question

What are your plans for Halloween and how are you going to incorporate (this) music?

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  1. Villdyret
    November 3, 2013 at 12:12 am

    thankyou so much for your support, i genuinely really appreciate it.

  2. Xander Harris
    October 28, 2013 at 9:05 pm

    Thank you very much for putting me on the list. That Megadrive is stellar.

    • Tina S
      October 28, 2013 at 10:39 pm

      Most welcome! :)

  3. La Fizzle
    October 28, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    Love the Megadrive & Wolfmen Of Mars picks. Creepy soundtracks fer sure }:^)

  4. Lakshya
    October 28, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    Seven Devils by Florence + The machine is pretty haunting and sad too......