SpokenText : Online Text-To-Speech Converter

SpokenText is a fully-automated web-based text to speech converter that can take almost any text document (PDF, Word, plain text, PowerPoint, RSS feeds, emails, web pages, etc.) and convert it to audio file. This file can be shared online with others and also downloaded as an iPod book or regular MP3 file.

SpokenText – Feature List:

  • Upload text documents and convert them to speech.
  • ‘SpokenText’ Firefox extension: Select text from any webpage and send it to SpokenText converter with just one click.
  • Store, manage and share generated audio recordings online.
  • Download converted audio recordings as an iPod book or MP3 file.
  • Stream converted recordings online using SpokenText audio player.
  • Embed recordings on your blog or website.
  • Supported file types: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Word (.doc) – up to 2003 version, PowerPoint (.ppt) up to 2003 version, Plain text (.txt) and HTML (.htm / .html).
  • Maximum allowed file size: 981.4 KB. If your file is larger, you can split it into a number of smaller files and record them separately.
  • Supported text languages: English, French and German.

Check out SpokenText @ www.spokentext.net

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linda conners

dropted ipod in water.willit work again?

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Good. But I prefer to use this (vozme.com) text to speech WordPress plugin to add speech to my blog.

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I think the YAKiToMe! website works better than the spokentext website. YAKiToMe! has more features and fewer restrictions than spokentext.

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The YAKiToMe! website is at http://www.yakitome.com.

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Cool.. but even better option is to use “Text to Voice” Firefox add-on to convert any text to mp3 audio.

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I have no idea :-)

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YAKiToMe!is nice tool. We already have it in our directory.


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Thanks for suggestion, will check it out