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There are times when your files are simply too large to be emailed or shared online. In such cases, it is a good idea to split your large file Split Big Files into Smaller Ones with GSplit Split Big Files into Smaller Ones with GSplit Read More into smaller files so that online sharing becomes easier. Here to help you do that is an app called Splitter.

split file into smaller files

Splitter is a freeware desktop application for computers that are running the Windows operating system. The function of this application is to split any one of your computer files into smaller equal sizes. You start using this application by first download its EXE setup file that is sized at nearly 1.4 MB. Next you open the application and point it towards the file that you want to split. There is not restriction on the size or format of the file you want to resize. Then you select the output folder for all the smaller files that will combine to make the source file. You can select the size of each smaller file in KB as well MB. After you type in what size each file should have, the app shows you the total number of files that will be created. You also have the option to choose between two kinds of file splitting: you can create a batch joiner file or create an EXE joiner file. Choose either category according to your preferences and click on the “Split Now” button. After the completion of the process, you will see a dialog box showing this and your files would have been created.



  • A user friendly desktop app
  • Compatible with Windows computers
  • Let’s you split files into smaller equal sizes
  • Can create batch joiner files or EXE joiner files

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