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00 Floppy Disk Stack.jpgI still remember the days when 3.5″ floppy drives ruled the world. I used to bring two boxes of those 1.44MB drives to transfer files from the office to my home computer. Kids these days might not be able to imagine living with portable drives without the letters “GB” behind it. How could they? Even three minutes worth of good quality MP3 music will cost you more than 3MB of storage.

Anyway, the storage limitation in that era forced everybody to come up with the solution to put big-size files in to those miniscule capacity floppies. Maybe that need is the force which gave birth to the technology to split files.

How to Split Files – Divide and Conquer

Even today, the era when you can easily find elementary school students with a few gigabytes of USB drive inside their pencil case, file-splitting technology is still in demand. A few of the most common scenarios behind this necessity are: sending big files via email, burning over 00 Apple Pie Sliced.jpg700MB-size files onto CDs, copying the contents of a dual-layer DVD to single layer discs, uploading extremely large files to online storage that sets specific maximum sizes of each file, and much more. A lot of people want to know how to split files.

However, doing file splitting carries its own risks. If one of the parts is missing or damaged, it’s impossible to reconstruct everything back to its original form. The same thing goes for the existence of compatible splitter-joiner apps. Imagine downloading 21 parts of 100MB only to find that one of them is damaged, or to find that you don’t have the application that can join them.

But if you really need to do it, you can use one of the alternative file splitters in Mac: Slices.


Slicing The Fresh Orange

The user interface of this file splitter is plain simple. You’ll see a rectangular box with two main tabs: “Split” and “Combine” representing the two main functions of this app.

how to split files

If you want to know how to split files, all you have to do is simply drag and drop the file to the dropping area called “drag file to split here” under the “Split” tab.

Then decide how big the maximum size of every file chunk should be. The options are any number in KB, MB or GB.

split files Mac

Before you click the “Split” button, go to the “Options” first. Here is the place to decide what splitting format that you want to use.

01b Slices Split - Options.jpg

There’s “Split & Cat” with “Checksum” option and “7zip” with “Compress” option. Choose one of them, click “OK“, then continue on with the “Split” button and decide the place to save the chunks.

how to split files mac

The process could take some time depending on the size of the original file and the maximum size of each individual chunk.

05 The Chunks-1.jpg

Reconstructing Details

Joining chunks of files is also as easy as drag and drop. Select the files and drag them to the “drag files to combine here” area under the “Combine” tab.

06 Slices Combine.jpg

Hit the “Combine” button and decide the place to save the reconstructed file.

Please note that unlike RAR chunks, you cannot drag only one of the chunks to combine everything even though the other chunks are within the same folder. This is the only drawback that I could find. Hopefully the developer will improve this particular issue in a future release.

But in general, Slices is a solid application and can fit everyday needs of splitting files and re-joining the chunks.

Do you often need to split files? Do you know other file splitting app alternatives? Share your thoughts and opinions using the comments below. And don’t forget to check out our other Easily Split And Merge PDF Files With This Easy Tool Easily Split And Merge PDF Files With This Easy Tool Read More file Split Big Files into Smaller Ones with GSplit Split Big Files into Smaller Ones with GSplit Read More splitting Files too big? Split them up with JR Split File Files too big? Split them up with JR Split File Read More articles.

Image credit: oxtopus, joyosity

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