Splayer – A Portable Play-All Media Player for Windows

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portable media playerLot of users swear by VLC as their preferred media player, but there’s plenty of other capable players out there, like the multi-functional video/audio player and converter Media Cope (which also resizes/converts photos, and creates slideshows). When it comes to resource-friendly media players, the list narrows down.

Splayer (version 3.5) is a lightweight, open-source media player that carries quite a few features underneath its simple interface, making it very user-friendly. It uses the GPU to render videos, just like the video players listed here that support GPU acceleration and pretty much leave the CPU alone to carry out other tasks.

Splayer (which stands for Shooter player) plays major video and audio formats, as well as Blu-Ray and DVDs.

Now, whether or not you’ve set it as your default player, you can easily drag-and-drop media files onto the player.

portable media player

In playing an audio clip, you won’t have any visualizations as it shines with a minimal interface. To enable more options, right-click inside the player.

Let’s go over some of the player’s features (using the open movie, Big Buck Bunny).

Selecting What Files To Play

Upon downloading the player (I’m using the portable version which runs beautifully and is available here in a ~8MB .7z file, so you can unzip and extract with 7-Zip), you’ll be able to set whether you want it to become your preferred media player for audio clips, video files or both.

Playing Incomplete Files

If you want to make sure  your video file is high-definition, for example, playing incomplete files in Splayer is a no-brainer.

Setting Actions After Playback

You can choose whether your computer should go into Sleep mode, go on Standby, shut down, or log off, which can come in handy to automate things, or if you have a long movie that might make you fall asleep. To access these options, right-click on the video area, head to Playback, then select the preferred task.

Showing Statistics

You might find this useful if you’re making your own subtitles or want to look at the frame count.

You can either press Ctrl + 4 or right-click on the video, go to GUI > More Panels > Statistics.

Finding Subtitles

Speaking of subtitles, one of the unique features of Splayer is that you can automatically get subtitles for a popular title if you enable Smart Subtitle Matching (which should be checked by default).

For lesser-known films, you may not have as much luck but the player might still attempt to find subtitles.

You can also upload a subtitle file on the player’s website to expand their subtitle database.

Setting Multi-Tasking Options

Multi-taskers might like how Splayer offers an option to stay on top of other windows and also set opaque or transparent properties for the file.

To adjust the transparency or set to stay on top, hover over the top area of the video and click the following icons.

Alternatively, to set the transparency, you can press Ctrl + 5 or right-click on the video area, go to GUI and select Transparent Control. To select the Stay On Top option, press Ctrl + T or right-click, go to Pin To Front > Always.

Generating Images From The Video

Creating an image preview of the video’s contents with Splayer is really easy. You can hover over to the top bar and click on the camera icon.

portable multi media player

Alternatively, right-click, select Capture and you’ll have four options. This screenshot will be pretty self-explanatory.

You can basically copy the current video frame (i.e. scene) as a JPG or BMP (Image), to your clipboard or automatically (Save w/o Prompt) assuming you’ve set a default folder. You can also generate a thumbnail (also in JPG or BMP format) of the video and customize how many pictures you want in all (by selecting the rows and colums) and the image width.

portable multi media player

Here’s a sample thumbnail using the settings from above.

portable multi media player

Recording From Webcam

You can also choose to record from your webcam and save the recording in an AVI, MKV (Matroska) or OGM (Ogg Media) file. You can also choose to save the audio as a separate WAV file. To get started, press Ctrl + V or right-click > Open > Video Capture.

portable media players review

portable media players review

Unfortunately in my testing, the player kept showing me that dreaded Not Responding message and eventually closing itself, which might be because of conflicting capture filters from my default webcam program (CyberLink YouCam). If you have better luck, feel free to let us know about the results in the comments!

There’s other helpful features such as options to rotate the video and adjust the brightness/contrast of the video.

portable media players review

portable media player

We certainly didn’t cover all of the possible options with Splayer. If you have other tips, please enlighten us below.

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Comments (19)
  • Anonymous

    Does the subtitle feature work well with SPlayer? That is one thing that I wish VLC had. Besides, playing DVD directory structure with VLC doesn’t work that great, especially with the subtitle language selection. It doesn’t show the subtitle track properly, and even though I choose English as the default, it often switches to a different language while switching from one VOB file to another. How does SPlayer fare in this regard?

    • Jessica Cam W.

      I just tried watching the “I Love You, Man” DVD and choosing the subtitles from the DVD setup (as well as enabling the subtitles within Splayer) worked well. I even switched to the Spanish subs and audio and that worked too.

    • Anonymous

      I tried it myself meanwhile, and found that it sometime stops rendering and you can’t do anything to get them back. Also the other compelling feature, which is to resume (automatically remember the last played location and continue from there) doesn’t work at all, as I only got it to resume once out of several times I tried. Back to VLC for now :(

    • Jessica Cam W.

      Sorry to hear that you didn’t have such a great experience with Splayer. So resume doesn’t work for you even when you go to Options and on the dialog box with the Basic tab, under Player Behavior, you check the “Auto-resume” box?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, “Auto-resume” was turned on I guess, by default.

    • Jessica Cam W.

      Hmm, it works for me. VLC ain’t so bad after all. :)

  • Danny Roy Jenuil

    I’ve been using VLC for almost two years now to watch movies. But, when I saw those exhaustive list of features that SPlayer has, I definitely want to give it a try. Let see whether it can beat VLC in terms of performance. By the way, the thumbnailing feature reminds me to Media Player Classic. But, I’m pretty sure that SPlayer is way more better than Media Player Classic.

  • Black Friday Deals

    wow! this S player thing is awesome. Whoever made this one is genius. Im starting to like it now. im now thinking of replacing my VLC with this one.

  • quidam

    Do you remember KMPlayer? It used to be the best player out there but due to lack of development it was more and more bothersome to use it nowadays. While searching for alternative I run into SPlayer and was very pleased with its performance.

    But for a true KPM fan SPlayer is way too simplistic with too little options to configure and customize. Then I found PotPlayer – eureka! It’s like KMP’s younger brother with up to date features. And no wonder – it’s developed by the same Korean guy who sold earlier KMP to Pandora. ;)

    English version is here: http://forum.doom9.org/showthr

  • C7B9E4

    Transparency seems to me to be the only unique selling point on “S Player” – it looks good, but if it’s not broke – don’t fix it right? VCL Media player I’ve used for such a long time, and transparency isn’t that useful to me.

    I congratulate the S Player team on creating an excellent product but recommend that they introduce useful unique selling points to their media player to convince users like myself to part ways with VCL.

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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.