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Windows 7 and Mac users can now use their iPad as a wi-fi connected second monitor, by using the Splashtop XDisplay software. The software enables you to view and control your computer using pinch-to-zoom gestures, changing orientation and a virtual keyboard on the iPad.

use your ipad as a second monitor

Without conversion or loss of functionality, you can now view processor-intensive apps, flash animations and more on your iPad by running them on your desktop. This could make it easy to share content with others in the same room, by displaying the content on the iPad. Users can also lock the iPad display if need be, to ensure security.

splashtop xdisplay for ipad

To install, download the Splashtop XDisplay app for the iPad and install the Splashtop Streamer software.


  • Use Your iPad as a wi-fi connected second monitor.
  • Run entertainment applications in the iPad monitor while you work at your desktop.
  • Run flash-based games or animations on your iPad without the hassle of converting.
  • On-screen virtual keyboard input available.
  • Similar tools: Junkyard Jumbotron and ScreenPerfect.

Check out Splashtop XDisplay for iPad @

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  1. Gerhard Tinned
    September 7, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    I tried a few solutions and with sum i had really bad expiriences. The driver of the additiona screen seems in some cases to trigger a normaly not really triggered bug. When this is triggered the Drag and Drop stoppes working and the only solution is reinstall MacOSX because the driver companies have NO CLUE how to undo that problem.

    I ended up using Screenrecycler on my Mac and connect with one of the available VNC clients from the iPad. Works great!!!