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If you are planning a huge event, and you want something a little prettier and more professional looking than Facebook, you should check out Splash. Splash is all about making an awesome page for an event to make it something people will remember, and something they will want to go to. It allows you keep track of RSVPs, so you know exactly who is coming to the event.

make event page

There are so many cool features that work with Splash, it is really impressive. You can connect your Twitter feed with the event page, and keep your guests up to date with all the latest happenings. If your event is really huge, you can even include sponsor logos on the event, to make sure they get the love they deserve.


Once the event comes and goes, Splash gives a mass uploader to add all the pictures from the event. Now, your guests who were too drunk to remember the event will be able to see everything that happened. Their photo gallery is beautiful, so it really makes the pictures from your event stand out in the most professional way possible.


  • Create professional event pages.
  • Perfect for regular people or professional event planners.
  • Keep track of your RSVPs.
  • Add event sponsors to the page.
  • Add photos after event.
  • Similar tool: Twoppy.

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