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A lot of online mind mapping tools today are usually limited by their very structured form. While they are very useful for basic brainstorming sessions, their capabilities are quite limited. SpiderScribe offers a unique online mind mapping and brainstorming tool that provides more flexibility with the structure and the kind of items that you can put on it. With SpiderScribe, you may create free-style, multi-directional maps, as well as combine various elements such as text, images, files, calendar events, and geographic locations in your mind map.

free form mind mapping

What makes SpiderScribe distinctive from other mind mapping tools is that you can connect and organize your ideas in any way that you like, compared to others where you are limited to a hierarchical structure. To do this, hover your mouse in the lower-middle section of a stencil. Click and drag the + symbol to draw an arrow to other elements in your mind map.

Another unique feature of SpiderScribe is that aside from the usual text input, it also lets you upload text files, images, geographical locations using Google Maps snippets, and calendar entries.

SpiderScribe is a fresh and easy-to-use mind mapping web app that is ideal for people who are looking to organize their ideas in a unique and unstructured manner.


  • Create free-form mind maps.
  • Add text files, images, geographical locations, and calendar entries to your mind maps.
  • Quick search inside maps.
  • Navigator panel for managing large maps.
  • Choose from private and public maps.
  • Share and collaborate maps.
  • Updates in real time.
  • Maps are stored online.
  • Similar Tools: Diagramly, Sneffel, and Think.

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