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There are several tools that let you manage and monitor your network but all the good tools cost an arm and a leg and all the free tools don’t just cut it when it comes to efficiency. However, Spiceworks gives you the best of both worlds by letting you manage your network or computer with tons of in-depth features for free.

Spiceworks starts by scanning your computer and/or your IT network and making an inventory of all your hardware and software assets. This includes a detailed count of your work stations, servers, network devices, software and other peripherals. A quick environment summary tells you of any DNS problems, the number of alerts, errors and offline devices you have, a list of recently installed apps and even create an activity timeline for the complete network.

monitor your computer

Spiceworks lets you monitor your network by letting you set up a variety of email alerts for any predictable or unpredictable activity. An awesome network map shows all the devices and their connection to each other while the help desk feature allow you to assign tickets to other users in your network, set their priorities and track their progress. The tool also has detailed reference material to help you learn more about your IT services and lets you generate quick reports for a variety of things including tickets, summary of machines with specific software usage, disk usage, schedules and much more.

monitor your network

In the beginning, the 25 MB of download would seem annoying to any user, but the depth of features and the fact that all this comes for free, makes Spiceworks a great software.



  • Monitor your computer or network.
  • Create a network map or detailed inventory of software and hardware.
  • Create, assign and track tickets.
  • Generate activity reports and set email alerts.
  • Read reference material or get help from other users.

Download Spiceworks @

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  1. Jason S.
    September 8, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    Toasty O's: Thanks for your feedback. Spiceworks is software specifically for the small-to-medium business market looking to support up to 1,000 devices. While there are enterprise businesses who use Spiceworks, we develop it to handle all of the IT needs of SMBs.

    I should note that Spiceworks 5.0, which will be available in October 2010, boasts 30% to 40% improvement in speed as well as a slew of new features (TFTP server, SNMP monitoring, active directory management, multi-site help desk, & more). I'd be interested to see if your help ticket management improves under the new product. Feel free to drop me a line to let me know.

    -Jason S., Spiceworks Online Marketing Manager

  2. Toasty O's
    September 7, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    Spiceworks is great for a smaller organization, but as you get 5-8 thousand tickets, you have to start turning off features to keep it from being terribly slow. It uses a SQL Lite backend that just cannot handle the demands of a larger organization.