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free wallpaper changersA beautiful desktop is a matter of aesthetics. Some people care, others don’t. If you are the kind who appreciates clean and organized spaces, then I’m sure your desktop isn’t cluttered with icons. While a chaotic desktop isn’t necessarily a sign of an unorganized mind, a clean desktop does provide space for beauty and tranquility, which can help to calm your mind and stimulate your creativity.

With the variety of stunning wallpapers available, however, it’s tough to set for just one. Wallpaper Changers are small applications that make this decision redundant. They allow you to enjoy as many beautiful desktop backgrounds as you desire, by switching to a new wallpaper at regular intervals. This article introduces four of the best, free wallpaper changers, each of which will appeal to a different audience.

John’s Background Switcher

John’s Background Switcher has been updated continuously over the years and easily rivals any paid wallpaper changer on the market. The tool sources images not only from your computer, but also from online resources, including Flickr, Facebook photos, and Picasa. You can add entire folders, including subfolders from your computer, too.

Unlike many other apps, John’s Background Switcher supports multiple monitors. Clicking the More… button will take you to an extensive assortment of extra features, such as montages, switching behavior, or picture handling. Taken together, John’s Background Switcher is a powerful app, which sports a simple and intuitive interface that doesn’t overbear the inexperienced user.

free wallpaper changers

You can read a full review here, but please note that John’s Background Switcher has been updated significantly since this article was written: Take Flickr Straight to your Desktop with Interactive Wallpaper Updates


A similar cross-platform app with a smoother interface is Wally, which we have reviewed here: Wally- Awesome Wallpaper Rotator for Windows, Mac & Linux Wally- Awesome Wallpaper Rotator for Windows, Mac & Linux Wally- Awesome Wallpaper Rotator for Windows, Mac & Linux Read More

Wallpaper Master

If you are looking for an advanced tool to manage your wallpapers, Wallpaper Master might be it. Apart from being able to add entire directories, you can set a different position for each wallpaper, set a custom background color for each, rate your wallpapers, and set an interval, as well as an order for how your wallpapers are displayed. Wallpaper Master gives you full control over what happens with your desktop background image.

wallpaper changer

A noteworthy option is that Wallpaper Master can auto-close after 30 seconds to save system resources. Unfortunately, Wallpaper Master does not support multiple or dual monitors.


Desktoppr’s main feature is to give you access to a huge collection of beautiful wallpapers and sync your favorites to your computer and it does so via Dropbox. Beyond that, it relies on Windows 7 native features to change your wallpaper at custom intervals. In other words, Desktoppr does not consume precious system resources, but instead focuses on providing you with fantastic wallpapers.

free wallpaper changers

While Desktoppr still is in beta, MakeUseOf could secure 2,000 beta invites and some of them are still up for grabs. Simply go to Create Account and enter MAKEUSEOF01 where it says Beta code.

Read the full review here: Synchronize Your Desktop Wallpapers Via Dropbox, With Desktoppr Synchronize Your Desktop Wallpapers Via Dropbox, With Desktoppr [2,000 Beta Invites Available!] Synchronize Your Desktop Wallpapers Via Dropbox, With Desktoppr [2,000 Beta Invites Available!] As someone who spends at least 12 hours a day in front of two computer monitors, my desktop wallpaper has become very important to me. After all, this is what I am staring at all... Read More

Similar Tools

Here are some more tools that didn’t make it into my list:

Further Resources

Now that you know how to rotate multiple wallpapers, you might want to expand your collection. Also remember that beautiful wallpapers demand a clean desktop. Below is a selection of articles with great wallpapers, the best sites to download them, and a few tips how to best showcase them, i.e. how to clean up your desktop.

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Can you live with just a single wallpaper now?

Image credits: Ripped Wallpaper via Shutterstock

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