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There is no dearth of English courses online but Spellzone is the first course I have come across that is dedicated to teaching and improving word spellings. It is mainly targeted at older students who haven’t had a thorough education of English and people suffering from dyslexia.

The site is full of all things spelling. There are basic spelling courses where they show the word, ask you to understand and memorize it and then spell it. There are also spelling games, word lists, spelling dictionaries and much more.

online spelling course

The site also teaches the difference between British and American spelling, which I think even the educated ones among us need to brush up on. Prices start at $15 per year for a single student, which should be affordable for the majority of users.


  • Online spelling course.
  • Useful for students suffering with dyslexia.
  • Games, word lists, interactive material available.
  • Prices start at $15 per year.

Check out Spellzone @


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