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If you are someone who writes a lot online, be it filling out web forms, posting comments on blog or writing articles, I am sure spelling mistakes are something you deal with everyday. Spellify is an automatic spell checking website which would help you by correcting your errors as you type, thus saving you a lot of time.

It’s a simple website where either you could type in a line or paste multiple paragraphs in its extended version, and it would immediately provide suggestions for misspelled words. And it does spell check in multiple languages too.

automatic spell checking


  • Automatic online spell check.
  • Paste or type text or multiple paragraphs.
  • Immediate pop up of correct words/suggestions.
  • Support for different languages.
  • Download and use it on your website to spell check filled web forms.
  • Similar tools: Orangoo, Spellist, WebSourceIt and SpellJax.

Check out Spellify @

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