Speed.io: Elegant Broadband Speed Test

There is no doubt that if you want to check the speed of your broadband internet connection, you could go to various websites online which offer broadband speed test service for free. However Speed.io, although does the same job of measuring the broadband speed, is different in this league.

It’s different because it has an elegant user interface which executes the job comprehensively, showing you the accurate download and upload speeds in Kbits and also the number of connections plus the ping or response time of the connection. It further classifies your connection on a scale of bad to excellent giving you an idea of the service which you are getting from your ISP.

speedio   Speed.io: Elegant Broadband Speed Test

Yeah, you can see my internet connection is ‘ less good ‘ and it’s time I switch internet service providers ( if at all there’s a better ISP in my area :)

Speed.io is flash based tool and also allows you to register for free and save the speed test results.

Check out Speed.io@www.speed.io

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Ben B

Results from speed.io
(Copied on 2008-09-11 16:57:30)
Download: 17243 Kbit/s
Upload : 13800 kbit/s
Connects : 2989 conn/min
Ping: 11 ms

my up speed was classified as “Very slow”?
… and I work for a telecom company =)

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I liked this speed test very much. I got all excellent ratings with Comcast at 4000kbit/s.

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Cheap Internet Dude

I’m supposed to be on a Fiber Optic connection and work and I’m getting terrible speeds. I wonder how serious Time Warner would take the results of this test?

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what the hell is this it doesnt show how to speed up our speedddddddddd

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What the hell is this thing above..