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Having a bad wireless connection in your iOS device can be frustrating. You might have the latest iPhone or iPad, but its great experience won’t cover up the fact that videos are slow to load and buffer annoyingly. If you want to watch YouTube videos without buffering on slow connections, you can check out Speedbit. This iOS app accelerates streaming speeds of YouTube videos by splitting the file about to be streamed into multiple parts to be downloaded simultaneously.

stream accelerator

Speedbit HD works like the usual desktop download managers. With this kind of software, the downloaded files are split and downloaded in parallel to maximize the bandwidth. Speedbit HD does virtually the same thing. This results into a stutter-free video  with almost no buffer.

With Speedbit HD, you do not need to worry about slow videos whatever your Internet speed is. Even over a fast wi-fi connection, I prefer to use Speedbit HD over the default YouTube app because I know that the stream won’t slow down. The experience is just much smoother. This also means that I can stream HD videos without worry, whereas in other applications, I’d have to switch to a lower quality stream.

Speedbit HD is an awesome app for anyone who hate stuttering videos. This is one underrated app in the iOS ecosystem in terms of enhancing ones’ enjoyment of their Apple device.



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  1. michele
    September 14, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    speedbit is no longer available on itunes