Speed Up Your Imgur Uploads With These Apps & Browser Add-Ons

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imgur addonImgur is an awesome website for hosting your photos – we all know that. Its clean interface, awesome community, and integration with social networks make it one of the best places on the Internet to look for and post your images. But you still have to go to the website to upload your photos. Just another tab to have open right?

Not necessarily – it’d be much nicer to be able to upload them from any folder or place on your computer, or even from any website without needing to ever have to visit Imgur.

A Quick Note: Do You Realize How Fast Imgur Is Already?

imgur addon

You might not realize this, but uploading to Imgur is pretty quick – impressively quick. If you copy an image, or a series of images, you can simply click in Imgur and press Ctrl+V (paste) and your photo will be uploaded quicker than you can figure out how to say “Imgur” (which by the way is pronounced Image-er).

In addition, you can just drag and drop as well.

imgur browser plugin

Imgur Uploader [Firefox]

imgur browser plugin

If you’re a Firefox user, this is an extension you will want to add to your collection. Just right click on the image that you want to add to Imgur, hover over Imgur in the context menu, and select your choice of upload.

  • Quick Upload immediately uploads the photo to Imgur without any extras.
  • Upload + Share still uploads very quickly, plus it allows you to share to some of the most popular social networks (although, I’m not sure why Google Buzz is still on there).
  • Upload + Edit immediately uploads it and takes you Imgur’s editor, saving you a few extra clicks.
  • Upload Screenshot will take a screenshot of the entire screen.
  • Upload Selective Screenshot allows you to select any part of your screen and upload it. Note that you can also resize and move the selection, which is a nice touch.

imgur browser plugin

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Imgur Uploader [Chrome]

The Chrome version of Imgur Uploader (they don’t share the same developer) isn’t nearly as full featured, but it still gets the job done quickly. Simply right click on an image and click Upload to Imgur in the context menu.

Another Chrome extension just called Imgur, which Dave reviewed, is also a good option.

Imgur Uploader [Adobe AIR – Windows, OS X, Linux]

imgur addon chrome

If you’re looking for a good desktop solution, consider this Adobe AIR app. There really isn’t a lot to it, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t do a great job. It’s simple, and sometimes that’s all you need. As the big, blue box says, all you have to do is drag and drop your photos onto the window. However, you can only drag and drop one photo at a time.

Below the blue box, is a list of all the photos you’ve uploaded. The are four controls to the right: “View in Browser”, “Copy URL to Clipboard” (handy), “Delete from History Only (local)”, and “Delete Image from Imgur.com“.

MyImgur [Windows]

imgur addon chrome

MyImgur is probably the most feature-packed Imgur desktop client available. The interface isn’t bad – it’s slightly customizable and fairly easy to navigate. Besides the obvious of being a robust Imgur desktop app, it also excels in the little things such as a button right on the main window to check for a new version. Of course, its settings are packed full of things to tweak.

imgur addon chrome

One thing I would recommend is connect your Imgur account to MyImgur – this will definitely speed up the process and allow you to save the images directly to your account (obviously).

Of course, a robust Imgur app, wouldn’t be robust without a context menu entry. By right clicking on a photo, you’re able to send it directly to Imgur

Context Menu Imgur Uploader – Send To Imgur [Windows]

If MyImgur and the Imgur Uploader AIR app are a bit overkill for your needs, then perhaps you would like the simplicity of this tool. It simply adds the option to send a photo (even selections of photos) to Imgur with two clicks.

Note that this can be done anywhere on your computer.

Rightload [Windows]

Rightload is a combination between the three previously mentioned desktop apps. You can simply drag and drop photos into the window like the Imgur Uploader AIR app, but it also has several settings (and actually more features in some aspects) like MyImgur, while also including context menu entries.

Rightload doesn’t actually only post to Imgur like the others in this article. When installed, the Imgur plugin (along with several others) are installed along with it by default, although it does notify you before that process is complete, should you not want the plugins installed (I don’t see why you wouldn’t).

It also includes quite a few settings to tinker around with, although the defaults are likely sufficient.

imgur addon

Don’t Forget About Your Screenshot App

Do you use a screenshot application? If you’re wanting to use Imgur to host those online, you might consider seeing if your screenshot program already has the capability to send to Imgur. Lots of programs do it, and more and more are building in Imgur integration.

Examples of applications that do this are Greenshot (my current favorite), Gyazo, ShareX and Hyperdesktop. But like I said, there are a lot of tools that do this, so look around and find the right one for you.

Tip: Use A Password Manager To Sign In Quickly

Although this doesn’t only apply to Imgur, one thing that really speeds up the process of using services and connecting them to other services or applications is the ability to automatically sign in upon visiting the login page. I personally use LastPass and really don’t think about how much time it actually saves me.

So if you aren’t already using LastPass or a password manager that is comparable to it (like Dashlane or Roboform), that is something to consider. This isn’t the primary reason to have a password manager, by any means, but it sure is a nice perk.


You may have noticed that, aside from the browser extensions and Imgur Uploader Adobe AIR app, this article lacked applications in the areas of Mac and Linux. That isn’t because they’re not available, although they are fewer in number – it’s simply because I don’t have the means to test and review them. I recommend looking at the Imgur Apps page for tools like the Imguru (an OS X command line uploader), OS X Dashboard Widget and ImgurBar (for Mac), and the Imgur Bash Screenshot Utility (for Linux).

You’re now ready to upload all the photos your heart desires to Imgur. Do you have any other tools that you use for Imgur? What do you think about using Imgur as a place to host images? Do you prefer an alternative? Or are you an Imgur fanatic? We’d love for you to share your thoughts and any other tips you might have concerning Imgur.

Image Credits: Upload folder with photos via Shutterstock, Imgur logo via Wikimedia Commons

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Imgur is already pretty quick!


Hannes Grebin


Use this free tool clipupload (http://www.clipupload.net/) for Windows to upload my clipboard data (images which I just Ctrl-A selected in certain image viewers/screenshot tools).
It’s situated in the tray and very handy via right click it’s instantly uploading content to imgur.com with progress bar.


Ali Khan

I prefer photobucket.

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