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I am on a quest. A quest to completely abandon the mouse and do all of my computer tasks solely using Firefox keyboard shortcuts. Using the mouse has always felt kind of awkward for me and it kind of abruptly interrupts the flow of my work when I am on a roll typing away.

So for the past couple of weeks, I have been researching keyboard shortcuts for Firefox and here they are. They all work as they have been tested beforehand. Now the trick is to remember them all!

Does anyone know any that I have missed? I am always looking to expand my list. Let’s make this page a constantly updating definitive list of keyboard shortcuts. So bookmark the page and check back often!


    CTRL + T: Opens a new tab.

    CTRL + R: Reloads the current tab.

    CTRL + H: View your browsing history in a sidebar

    CTRL + J: Opens your Firefox download manager

    CTRL + TAB: Moves to the next tab.

    CTRL + SHIFT + TAB: Moves to the previous tab.

    CTRL + Z: Undo last action

    CTRL + SHIFT + Z: Redo last action

    CTRL + ENTER: Auto-complete URL to .com

    CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER: Auto-complete URL to .org

    CTRL + SHIFT + T: Restore the last closed tab

    CTRL + number: Change to the tab with this number

    CTRL + F4: Close the current tab

    CTRL + N: Opens a new Firefox window

    CTRL + S: Download the current webpage page as a HTML file

    CTRL + L: Highlights the URL in the browser address bar

    CTRL + HYPHEN: Decrease text size on the webpage

    CTRL + PLUS: Increase text size on the webpage

    CTRL + D: Add webpage to bookmarks

    ALT + Home: Loads your start page.

    ALT + F4: Close the browser window

    SHIFT + ENTER: Auto-complete URL to .net

    F5: Reload the current tab

    F11: Go full screen / normal screen

    Space: Scroll down the page

    ESC: Stop

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