Speed Through Your Image Editing Tasks With These 3 Great Batch Editing Tools

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Photos   Speed Through Your Image Editing Tasks With These 3 Great Batch Editing ToolsWhen it comes to resizing or converting images, it can often be a tedious task of doing one after the other. Luckily there are a lot of great tools out there that make it easy to get through the process at just about the click of a button. Not only can you find great batch editing software to resize or convert image files, you can also find a few that will give you a few pretty impressive batch editing features as well.

With lots of Mac-only or Windows-only options out there, we’ve narrowed our choices down to three apps or services that will work for you – whether you’re a Mac or Windows (and in some cases Linux) user.

The three options also cater to three different types of needs. If you’re looking for a heavy duty app that will allow you to do both basic and advanced editing on your photos – XnConvert is the choice for you. If you prefer a simple app that does the basic job of resizing, check out SimplePhoto. And for those of you who don’t want to download any image editing software at all – PicResize is one of the simplest options out there.

Find out more about each of them below, and also be sure to check out MakeUseOf’s guide on using IrfanView to batch resize images.

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Robust Editing & Converting With XnConvert

We’ve already taken an in-depth look at XnConvert, a cross-platform free app which takes the hard work out of batch editing photos, and it’s obvious that it would have to be included on any list of this kind. With Mac, Windows and Linux versions available, XnConvert makes it easy to convert and resize images in batches.

XnConvert supports standard image formats, including the most common, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and a key feature for any serious photographer, RAW. It doesn’t end there though – the app supports 500+ more formats, listed here. Not only can you batch convert and resize images with XnConvert, you can also rotate and crop images, add a watermark, and finetune basic settings in each image, like brightness and contrast, and you can even add a few interesting effects to boot.

After adding photos, either individually or from one folder.

XnConvert1 result   Speed Through Your Image Editing Tasks With These 3 Great Batch Editing Tools

You can then select any number of actions to use to on your images, and will be able to preview the changes as you apply each action.

XnConvert2 result   Speed Through Your Image Editing Tasks With These 3 Great Batch Editing Tools

You can then choose where to save your edited photos, and also have the option of batch renaming your files. As far as features are concerned, XnConvert is one of the most impressive apps out there, just for the sheer amount of options it offers.

Lightweight Resizing & Converting With SimplePhoto

Available for both Mac and Windows, SimplePhoto is a great option for those of you who are looking for a way to simply resize or convert your images. The lightweight app won’t bog your computer down, and supports PNG, TIFF, GIF, JPG and BMP. Unfortunately it doesn’t support RAW.

In addition to resizing and converting, you can also use SimplePhoto to crop photos, group photos by directory, date or flatten the hierarchy.

Add photos individually or by the folder, choose the file type you want to convert your images to, choose the size, and select your output folder.

SimplePhoto   Speed Through Your Image Editing Tasks With These 3 Great Batch Editing Tools

As a sidenote, Mac users might want to also consider simply using Automator if all you’re looking for is basic resizing and renaming. Rather than download an extra program, check out our handy guide of how you can get the most out of Automator with your images here. If you’re looking for a guide on how to rename your image files, check out our guide here.

Batch Resize & Convert Online With PicResize

If you don’t want to install any software on your computer at all, you could always go the online route – provided of course you have access to a decent Internet connection, otherwise it will probably be far more trouble than its worth. PicResize, as you can guess from the name, allows you to batch resize images.

Simply upload the images to the site, and select your preferred size. You can choose between 75%, 50% and 25% smaller, or by simply entering a custom width and height. You can also choose to save your images as JPGs, GIFs or PNGs – so it does give you some converting options, albeit restricted to three filetypes.

PicResize1   Speed Through Your Image Editing Tasks With These 3 Great Batch Editing Tools

After running the process, your images will be available for download as a ZIP file, and will be deleted from their servers within 20 minutes of the conversion.

PicResize2   Speed Through Your Image Editing Tasks With These 3 Great Batch Editing Tools

And lastly, the giveaway may be over, but be sure to check out BatchPhoto, which we reviewed here for another robust photo editing option, but one which will set you back at least $40.

Do you know of any great cross-platform options for batch editing images? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: Iconspedia

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Happy to see you provide both Mac and Windows platform for your recommended tools. Will try XnConvert. Thanks

Adrian Rea

Whereas those on Linux need an internet connection for pic resize? On windows I always use irfanview but I did not know about the guide so I am going there next! Thanks Nancy for the article.

Adrian Rea

In fact thanks to Abdallah Hodieb who uses batch resizing in ubuntu . Using package : nautilas-image-manipulator as found on the irfanview guide cheers

Lisa Santika Onggrid

XNconvert is available for Linux too. She mentioned that in the article.


Deekshith Allamaneni

I am usually use my own Matlab/Octave scripts to do all the batch work… and Gimp for any complex manual manipulations. Thanks for the post however.


Sridharan Doraivelu

Very innovative products.


Chew Jian Yue

I have never thought about incorporating such products into my photography field.


salim benhouhou

those tools will help me a lot . thank you


Harshit Jain

I would recommend Photoscape and Caesium for for batch editing and compressing.


Ritwick Saikia

XnConvert for me. But thanks for recommending the others, always good to have alternatives in hand :)



True batch processing of images happens with ImageMagick.


Alexis Akridge

These are fantastic!


Bishal Mahat

i think XnConvert is for me


Vampie C.

Look like cool tools to test out.

Thank you.


Lisa Santika Onggrid

I seconded PicResize. Quick and painless when I need to edit some pictures that would be uploaded somewhere afterwards.


Siddhant Chaurasia

WOW I saved a lot of time editing


Nikhil Chandak

this XnConvert will only work fro Mac or it will also work for Windows ???


Nikhil Chandak

these tools are amazing great editing tools
but I think some of the tasks of these tools can be done in Photshop ..


Ryszard Grodzicki

I’d add RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool, which I think was already mentioned on this site) here. It makes files even 10x smaller without noticable decrease in quality and has quite good batch options.

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