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Speed reading lets you absorb the most from a given text in a minimum amount of time. There are many websites advising on how to improve reading speed. But “Speed Reader Enhanced” does away with all those guides and accomplishes speed reading flawlessly.

improve reading speed

Speed Reader is a simple tool that lets you paste some text into it. The tool then blanks out your monitor’s screen and flashes the screen with the words in your text in the order they appear i.e. you read your text one word at a time.

The background color, text color, and font style can all be modified by the user. You can even specify the interval between two words which is set at 200 milliseconds by default.

A feature called “retarding” pauses the text at every punctuation mark to assist reading with effect. But perhaps the best part about the tool is that it requires no installation and packs all these features into a tiny download size of 23KB.



Get Speed Reader Enhanced @ SourceFourge – Speed Reader Enhanced

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