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If you are looking for a simple and minimalistic task management tool that helps you manage multiple projects, multiple tasks within those projects, add users for collaboration and see the status of ongoing tasks then Speckle can offer all this. You can sign up for a free account and start creating projects, invite people and create task lists. The different stages for a project or a task as defined in the tool is planned, started, done, checked and live.

web based task management

web-based task management tool

As you see in the screenshots above, for each task, there’s a checkbox that helps you decide the stage where the task is at currently. New lists can be added easily, projects can be edited and archived…it’s all simple and easy.


  • Web-based task management tool.
  • Invite users to collaborate.
  • Multiple projects and tasks.
  • Put a task in started, done, checked or live stage.

Check out Speckle @


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