Special Key: Create Secure Messages Online With Encrypted URLs

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The Internet has greatly helped to bridge the gap between remote parties. Thanks to the Internet, you can easily get your message to any part of the world after a few keystrokes and mouse clicks. While normal online communication methods – email, instant messaging, online forums, etc. – are all fine for general discussions, you require a stronger and more secure online communication method in case the transferred information is sensitive.

The various ways in which you can do this basically all involve encryption techniques where you provide the other party with a key that they need to read the message. But if you are look for something that lets you transfer the information securely yet with minimum number of steps, you should check out Special Key.

secure messages

Special Key is a free to use web service that helps transfer information securely online. Using this website, all you have to do is type in your message in the provided text area. You can type a custom message or start from one of the provided templates. These templates include credit card information, wire transfer, encrypted email, or love letter. You can also set an expiration period for the message; this can be a time duration or you can set the message to expire after it has been read.

The message is compressed and encrypted in your browser using 256 bits AES encryption. From this, a URL is generated in the form of the site domain followed by the encryption key. You can provide the encryption key to the other party and instruct them to simply type Special Key’s URL before typing the encryption key in their browser’s URL. As a result, they will be visiting the URL that will open up your encrypted message.



  • A user friendly web service.
  • Helps you send secure messages online.
  • Offers message templates as well as custom messages.
  • Generates encryption key in the form of URL.
  • Similar tools: ThisMessageWillSelfDestruct and DueIM.

Check out Special Key @ www.specialkey.org

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