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Have you ever wished you could put a voice to the people who frequent your blog? Well with SpeakPipe you can! SpeakPipe is an incredibly easy to use web app that allows users of your blog to leave you free voicemails. It pins a small button to the side of the page that a user can click at any time to leave you a message. As the button is pinned, it will stay on the side even if the user scrolls up and down. This way, anytime the mood to give you a piece of their mind strikes them, they can.

receive voice messages

Setting up this handy web app requires no coding skills. You simply go SpeakPipe’s website, create a free account and choose your blogging platform. It will then give you the code you need. You simply copy and paste that into your blog, and you are all done. If it wasn’t easy enough, it even breaks down the process of adding the code to your site step by step.


You access your messages from SpeakPipe’s website under the “Inbox” tab. From here you will be able to hear all the nice things your readers have to say. It’s great to connect with your readers more personally than through typed comments.


  • Easy to install web app.
  • Allows users to leave personal voice messages for you.
  • Pinned to the side of the site – out of the way, but always accessible.
  • Supports WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Joomla and generic HTML.
  • Up to 5 minute recording length.

Find SpeakPipe @

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