SpeakingImage: Interactively annotate you digital images & share

Pictures only display a particular scene. If you need to clarify or explain objects in the image, you need to do it yourself. Based on this idea, a great new web service called SpeakingImage lets people interactively annotate digital images.

speaking image   SpeakingImage: Interactively annotate you digital images & share

Speaking Image is a wonderful website that lets people annotate images. By annotating images you can let others read what you have to say about a particular part of an image. For instance in a picture of a popular baseball match you can annotate your position in the crowd and let others know where you were sitting. Another example would be to label parts of something technical such as a computer’s motherboard.

speaking image1   SpeakingImage: Interactively annotate you digital images & share

Along with textual annotations, you can add differently colored layers specifying certain parts of the image. This can help classify similar objects in an image such as buildings of the same height.

speaking image2   SpeakingImage: Interactively annotate you digital images & share

The annotations and layers are all interactive i.e. labels are displayed when viewers place the mouse pointer on them. Moreover the viewer can choose which layers to view and which to hide. All these features work together and create photos that say a lot more.

Right now Speaking Image is letting people use the service for free and annotate the photographs they upload. You can get a direct link for your annotated photos.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you annotate images.
  • Lets you add differently colored layers to an image.
  • Helps create pictures that say a lot more.

Check out SpeakingImage @ www.speakingimage.org

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