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Free disposable email service and a spam blocker. Instantly create (out of your head) different email addresses and use them when signing up to suspicious websites. Spamgourmet will scan all incoming messages sent to your newly made up email, filter out spam messages, and forward the rest to your real email account.

Email Spam Blocker

How SpamGourmet works

1. When asked to give in your email use:

  • someword: can be anything you want but the better way to use it would be to describe a name of the website you’re subscribing to. This way you will always know where exactly emails are coming from.
  • x: an optional value which can be used to put a limit on the number of messages you want to receive at this address (default is 3).

2. Setup forwarding to your primary email account.


Say your SpamGourmet user name is “spamcowboy”, and some BigCorp wants you to give them your email address. Instead of giving them your real email, you can use following:


This disposable email address will be created upon the first email from BigCorp and will be allowed to receive at most 3 messages.

Go to SpamGourmet @

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