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Spaaze is built around the idea that everybody has a different aesthetic sense when it comes to organizing information. Some people just don’t do well with structured pages full of text and instead need a visual way to organize information. This is exactly what Spaaze does.

It acts as virtual corkboard and lets you collect, organize and remember information in an easy-to-use visual manner. Instead of a webpage or a profile, Spaaze provides you with a large virtual corkboard on which you can pin items. You can simply drag these items to re-arrange and resize them with a single click. You can add a bookmark or a YouTube video by simply entering the URL. Labels and notes can also be added and deleted with a single click.

virtual corkboard


  • Collect, organize and remember information visually.
  • Re-arrange items by dragging them with your mouse.
  • Resize items with a single click.
  • Collect and use SpaazePoints, Spaaze’s virtual currency.
  • Add/delete items quickly and easily.

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