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The song identification app, SoundHound (Free) released a significant update this week of its iPhone app which now includes an iOS 7 redesign, a new Music Map feature and the option to register for a SoundHound account for syncing and saving your search history across devices.

SoundHound is a music app which can instantly identify a song when you hold your iPhone up against a speaker, or sometimes when you sing a few lines of a song’s lyrics. It works best for popular songs, and less so for obscure instrumental music tracks.

When SoundHound identifies the song, it provides the title, artist, and album cover, and a link to the song on iTunes. It also provides options for listening to discovered songs on the music streaming sites, Rdio and Spotify. Links to songs can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter.


In addition to iOS 7 redesign, SoundHound now includes a new My Music Map feature which shows on a map songs being explored by other SoundHound users near you. The more you zoom out on the map, the more clearly you can see album covers that were discovered using SoundHound. This might be a useful feature for discovering new music.


You can also now register an account with SoundHound so all your searches can be saved and shared to other devices that support the music discovery app.

SoundHound also includes real-time updates of the most tweeted songs, top SoundHound user discoveries, and free song streams of new artists and popular songs. You can also connect to your iPhone music library within the app.

Let us know what you think of the new updates to SoundCloud and what other features you would like to see added.

Source: TechCrunch

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