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Sometimes you want to listen to music that you do not have saved on your computer. Fortunately, The Internet provides you with various audio music streaming sources. Of these sources, SoundCloud is one of the most popular sites used by people to stream music. Your SoundCloud music list lets you jump to the next or previous track in the playlist; you can also pause or play present tracks. Tracks can be favorited too, in case you want to easily locate them later for listening.

But to perform these tasks, you need to have your SoundCloud browser tab active and in view. Here to let you quickly play, pause, skip, and favorite SoundCloud tracks while browsing other websites is a user-friendly tool called SoundCloudNav.


SoundCloudNav is a browser extension for Google Chrome that adds hotkey shortcuts to your SoundCloud interface. After you have installed the extension in your browser, you can use hotkeys to play, pause, skip, and favorite tracks. What makes the extension special is that these hotkey shortcuts works regardless of which browser tab is active. You can have SoundCloud open and being run in a background tab while you browse the web in another tab – the hotkey shortcuts will still work.


  • A user-friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Adds hotkey shortcuts to SoundCloud interface.
  • Let’s you play, pause, skip, and favorite tracks through hotkeys.
  • SoundCloud browser tab need not be active.

Check out SoundCloudNav @ 


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