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SoundCloud is the premier website for people to share the music they have created. For a while, SoundCloud has had a new version brewing, and it has been hanging out in a private beta waiting to unleash itself upon the world. Well, the day has come, and what the company was calling ‘The Next SoundCloud’ is now just the standard SoundCloud. What was once a private beta is now available to masses, and it certainly brings some awesome changes to the music sharing website.

The first thing users will notice is a change to the look of the site. Its interface has been completely revamped to be more functional and easier to navigate. Finding the music you want to listen to is easier, as is sharing the music you’ve created. The interface of both the iOS and Android application have also been revamped.

The search and explore sections of the service has been tweaked on all platforms allowing you to find tracks more easily than you could before. Whether you want to search to find something specific or explore around SoundCloud, this update improves both.

SoundCloud also added a new feature called Reposts. This allows you to pick sounds from the people you follow and repost them to your stream. This is a great way to expose your friends to some of the cool stuff you’ve come across and help the artist by putting their creations in front of more people.


Another feature designed to help share cool music is called Sets. With this, you can choose a collection of sounds, either your own or ones you love from others, and turn them into a collection that you can share with members on the service.

The last thing that comes with the new and improved SoundCloud is continuous play. This allows you to play some music and continue browsing around the rest of SoundCloud without breaking your musical flow.

Source: SoundCloud

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