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The sound of the urban jungle is unique to each city. You won’t find the same combination of blazing cars, humming factories, pedestrian and crackles in the same place. These sounds make a living, animated city. Soundcities is a web tool that visualizes all these sounds. This online database combines Google maps with sound found online and field recording. Since they are open source, you can download the sounds, listen to it, and even play the maps in performances.

city sounds

To start using, Soundcities, select from one of the cities listed in the homepage. Then click on the blue sound icons on the map to check their coordinates and hear the sounds. Browse sounds by city or by mood. You can also click a list of sounds on the right where you can also add a new sound.

discover sound

Soundcities is a nifty online resource for anyone who want to find out the aural features of a city.


  • Free; sign up to add your sounds
  • Listen to sounds by city and mood
  • Databases uses Google Maps
  • Sounds come studio recording as samples and field recording
  • Click a map icon to hear sounds
  • Similar tools: VideoMap, Wherables, and TheRapMap

Check out SoundCities @

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