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Most modern laptops come with built-in hotkeys to help you easily increase and decrease the system volume. Unfortunately older computers do not have such built-in keys. For those older computers, an app called Sound Volume Hotkeys will serve excellently.

change system volume

Sound Volume Hotkeys is a free to use desktop application compatible with Windows. The app is nearly 400 KB and installs quickly. With the app installed you can raise the system volume through the Ctrl+Up hotkey configuration; the volume can be decreased using the Ctrl+Down hotkey configuration; here Up and Down refer to the arrow keys. You can modify a few interface options that let you control how the volume bar appears and how the volume levels transition once you start using the application. The app’s settings can be accessed anytime through its icon in the System Tray.

sound volume hotkeys


  • A user-friendly desktop app
  • Compatible with Windows computers
  • Lets you control the system volume through keyboard hotkey shortcuts
  • Provides interface options

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