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The day iOS jailbreakers have longed for is finally here. That’s right, iOS 6.1 iOS 6.1 Brings LTE To Many New Carriers Along With New Siri Features [Updates] iOS 6.1 Brings LTE To Many New Carriers Along With New Siri Features [Updates] Apple has released a handful of updates for iOS 6 and its supported mobile devices. The 6.1 update includes expanded LTE support, several new Siri and iTunes Match features, and a new button to reset... Read More is finally ready for a full, untethered jailbreak Introducing Our New Best Of Cydia Tweaks Page Introducing Our New Best Of Cydia Tweaks Page Learning to jailbreak is a rite of passage for most iOS device owners. After purchasing a new iPod touch, iPhone or iPad; one of the first things you'll learn to do is to jailbreak it... Read More . Thanks to the new evasi0n jailbreak from the Evad3rs dev team, including PlanetBeing, pod2g, and MuscleNerd, iOS users can install Cydia and all the goodness that comes with it in about five minutes.

The process is simple, and just involves downloading the evasi0n jailbreak tool. It supports OS X, Windows XP and above, and Linux. Chances are therefore great that if you have a computer you want to apply the jailbreak from, evasi0n will be ready and able to do it for you.

Once you finish running the jailbreak tool on your computer, it will prompt you to click a jailbreak icon on your device to finish the process. Once that is finished, your device will be ready to take advantage of all the cool things you can do with a jailbreak.

This jailbreak works on any iOS device that can run iOS 6 or 6.1. This means even if you are using the relatively new iPhone 5, you will be able to jailbreak your device with ease. If you happen to have iOS 6 on your device, this jailbreak will work, so you don’t need to upgrade to 6.1 to enjoy it.

This jailbreak has been a long time coming, and there have been plenty of false claims for an iOS 6 jailbreak. When this one was announced, I had high hopes, but I had it in the back of my mind that it would be another fake. Sure enough though, it really works and users all around are reporting successful results. I have used it on my iPhone 4S, and the process was smooth, and worked as advertised.


Source: ZDNet

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